Dear Daughters

Dear daughters
You have the blood of many strong women
In your veins
You will be told you are beautiful
You will know you are smarter than most
You will see gifts in those you choose to
They will be better for having known you
They will create, build, begin and inspire
There is magic in you
My mother told me as her mother told her
That we are special
You will know truths that are shrouded in lies
You will feel deeper than those you choose to
This is not easy


Dear daughters
You will be broken
Torn into bits and sacrificed for the art
Reassembled and remolded
You will lose yourself for a time
He will find himself
He will not discern the moment he is altered
By the magic
He will not comprehend the parts of you
He takes with him when he leaves
Stuck to his skin damp with your sweat
Tangled in the hair drawn through your fingers
He will smell you
As the breeze dries his skin
He will taste you
As he licks lips swollen by your sting
He will lift heavy legs and walk away
Arms akimbo
Allowing you to fall away like spent confetti
Not knowing he is changed
But he will leave

Dear daughters
You will be lonely
You will ache with longing
Not just to be folded beneath another
To find the one who fills in your leaky spaces
Who keeps the parts in order
Binds the fragments before the last piece is
You will be cautious of the winds
No longer respite for the heat
They threaten to carry you away
Riptides into the abyss
Undulating on the waves
Awaiting rescue

Dear daughters
He will not come
You must collect yourself
You are your lifeboat
You must untangle the strings
That once allowed you to dance
Rub the splinters together until heat returns
Until the fog dissipates
Finally knowing that you will
Or the magic will be lost
For the next one
There will be a next one
There is always a next one
That is the way it has been
For my mother and hers
You must collect yourself
There is no muse for the muse

Dear daughters
He will be deliriously happy
He will know great love
He will remember you like the lucid dreams
That hang in between reality and consciousness
No clear boundary on what is memory or imagined
You pried open hidden treasures with your
Changed his perspective on his place
In the world and his life and love
You will not make him deliriously happy
You will not be the great love
It will be always be her
One after you
You will light the fuse with your magic and walk away
The pyromaniac watching her fire from afar
But never taking credit
Not even the smell of smoke to link her to the blaze

Dear daughters
You are not ill-fated in this right of blood
You will be responsible for much beauty
Much greatness
Much love
That never would have been without you or your
Just as you were not here
Until you were cells that grew inside me
The distress of birth that was forgotten
With the smell of your new skin
You were the suckling infant who drew milk
And blood
From the breast now dry years after your rejection
You were born of all of the grace and inspiration
Germinated by the costs of my story
You will know this battle
In your narrative

Dear daughters
We are lonely but never alone
We amuse eachother
We muse at the art that we create
The life
The love
The loss
You will curse your daughters
Watch sons and lovers leave
Laugh until breath betrays us
Cry until we turn to dust
No man will be the same
Nothing will be the same
It is your magic now
Do not be afraid of your power
To fall and break into a thousand shards
Only to reflect new images of what you
Will be
When you piece yourself together
Stronger and more beautiful
For your daughters




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