Magic Pot Mashed Taters

Creamy mashed potatoes: (sliced potatoes to fill pot + 1 c. water with 1 T. vegetable bouillon dissolved + 1 T. diced garlic + 5 minutes manual + quick release)

Wash and slice your potatoes so you have about 1.5-2 inch pieces.  Place the potatoes with the water, boullion, and garlic in the magic pot.  Using the manual setting for 5 minutes, and quick release the vent.  Mash potatoes with butter, cream cheese (softened), heavy cream, salt and pepper.  I used about a 1/2 c. butter, half a brick of cream cheese, and about a 1/2 c. heavy cream.  I added a splash more cream and mixed before serving.  I used gold potatoes (I also use red sometimes) and kept the skins on.  I didn’t mash the potatoes into a soup because we like a little texture.

I suggest you use the amount of dairy products that fit your dietary restrictions and create the texture you want.

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